Enrique Penalosa

Advisory board member

Fellow of the Institute for Urban Research of the University of Pennsylvania.

Enrique Penalosa, a prominent urban thinker and former Mayor of Bogota, holds a distinguished reputation as an advisor and lecturer, influencing urban policies worldwide. Focused on areas such as urban mobility, quality of life, competitiveness, sustainability, and effective leadership, Penalosa has left an indelible mark on cities globally. His transformative work in Bogota, with an emphasis on improving quality of life, mobility, equity, and sustainability, has made the city an international model.

Penalosa’s achievements in Bogota include the creation of Latin America’s longest protected bicycle-way network, quality housing projects for over 500,000 inhabitants, numerous parks, sports and cultural centers, schools, libraries, and the renowned TransMilenio, the world’s best bus-based mass transit system. His interventions in informal settlements, commitment to public spaces, and groundbreaking initiatives like the first Metro line showcase his visionary leadership.

As a sought-after advisor and lecturer, Penalosa has shared his expertise in hundreds of cities and top universities globally.

He is actively involved in various advisory boards and has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the Stockholm Challenge and the Gotenburg Sustainability Prize. Penalosa’s commitment to urban equality and happiness is evident in his book ”Ciudad, Igualdad, Felicidad” and his significant online presence reflects a large following. With a rich academic background, including a BA in Economics and History from Duke University, he continues to be a driving force in shaping sustainable and equitable urban environments.