Cohort 2023

The inaugural cohort of the AMALI City Leadership Programme is made up of 20 city leaders drawn from across 11 African countries

In January 2023, the inaugural Cohort of AMALI leaders will embark on a year-long programme, which will support them in honing the visions for their cities. Through their participation in the programme, they will gain clarity on the teams and tools required to successfully implement their plans and secure support from their constituents and key stakeholders.

The programme will begin with an immersive, four-day leadership Forum at the University of Cape Town, to be held from 23 – 26 January 2023. During the Forum and through their participation in the programme, they will have opportunities to network with fellow city leaders from across the continent, creating a community of practice, and gaining access to other city support programmes. They will also be supported by advisors and mentors who have walked in their shoes as mayors, public leaders, or experts with a legacy of transformation.