Empowering City Leaders to Take their Data Expertise to the Next level

About the programme

The AMALI Data Programme is a recently launched multi-year programme, focused on engaging Mayors and their staff to best use data to monitor, evaluate progress, achieve their legacy goal, and improve decision-making by establishing foundational data practices. Such data practices include creatively collecting data from new sources, visualizing data to understand key insights and critical problems in new ways and using data to drive performance and accountability.

Our Vision

Currently in its first year, the AMALI Data Programme has been working with up to 8 cities who are receiving direct on-the-ground coaching, tailored technical support, and training from a dedicated City Data Advisor during a 5 – 6-month engagement.

Throughout the program, mayors and their city data team will:

  • Use data to monitor indicators, evaluate results and identify opportunities to improve performance based on the established legacy goal.
  • Build capacity and improve foundational data practices to best manage and use data.
  • Enhance their understanding of how to use data to improve city operations and programming and of how city leadership affects the conditions for success. Communicate the progress made on the legacy goal in ways that transform the quality of life of residents.

Measuring Performance

Why does this matter?

  • Enhance the effectiveness of city governance and help the city accomplish goals and objectives.
  • Reduce silos and promote collaboration while improving collective accountability.
  • Build habits that help leaders continuously deploy targeted reforms, measure impact, and sustain routine practices.
  • Communicate success, build on lessons learned, and empower residents to engage in government.

How do we work?